Research Studying the Heart and Brain Connection

Heart Connections that Lead to Transformation

Ann Atwater, a black activist, and C.P. Ellis, a KKK leader, forged an unlikely connection when they co-chaired a 1971 schools summit in North Carolina. Forced time together created an alliance that lasted a lifetime, and eventually led Ellis to leave the KKK and eventually become an admirer of MLK, Jr.

A friendship formed at college between an orthodox Jewish man and Derek Black, a man deeply entrenched within the White Supremacist movement, led to Derek exiting the movement

Organizations that Promote Compassionate Communication
and Conflict Resolution

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Centre for Justice and Reconciliation

Heart Connections Formed Despite Extremely
Divisive Circumstances

Filmed on 9/11/01, this video demonstrates possibilities for unlikely alliances and creative, cooperative problem solving between people of diametrically opposed belief systems. Tony Robbins, world renown motivational speaker, leads an orthodox Israeli Jew and a Pakistani Muslim through a heart opening process that leads them both to a depth of mutual understanding thought impossible. It's a 2 hour video that will change your life.

The Importance of Cultivating Compassion

An exploration of “outrospection”— a reaching towards others in compassion, in direct opposition to introspection, the movement towards oneself and one’s own primacy of needs — this video is fun to watch and will make you think: