The Mind.

Our mind is brilliant, but limited in its capacity to perceive. When I perceive you from the perspective of my mind, I attach my safety to whether your words are in alignment with my words. My comfort is attached to the predictability of your actions. My security is linked to your alignment to my belief system. From the perspective of the mind, I AM my thoughts and my beliefs — and so are you. From the perspective of my mind, if you are in opposition to my thoughts and beliefs, you are in direct opposition to what I identify as my very core—and I feel justified in destroying you, whether literally or figuratively. 

Our mind picks apart. From the perspective of the mind, we think that if we can just come up with the right data point, the right argument, the unassailable truth, we will succeed in convincing and restructuring another mind. However, the mind lacks flexibility when it’s self identified in what it thinks and believes. We’ve repeatedly seen the results of this where, when provided with sound, scientific facts or respected data points that contradict certain belief structures, people only double-down on their beliefs rather than change their thinking, even in the face of what may seem like incontrovertible evidence. And yet, we still believe that if we just hammer out the right talking points, or the perfect argument, we will somehow prevail in destroying opposition we perceive as a threat.  When that doesn’t work— and it usually doesn’t — it's then that we feel justified in resorting to violence, be it from shunning and shaming, to clobbering and killing.

There is another way.

The Heart.

The heart has its own brilliance and is a brain in its own right. It has a self-regulating nervous system, produces hormones that affect the brain and the body, and its rhythms have a direct effect on emotions. The heart is the first organ that develops in an embryo—about 20 days after conception, whereas the brain doesn’t develop until 90 days after conception. The EMF the heart generates is 60 times greater than that of the brain, and can be measured several feet away from the body in all directions.  The state of the heart—whether calm or agitated—has a direct effect on the functioning of the mind. Studies have shown that intentionally cultivated positive emotions such as appreciation, joy, care, and love directly influence the EMF of the heart, which then causes all of the body’s systems to synchronize and work in harmony. 

Seated in my heart I no longer perceive you as a threat to my existence.  When I perceive you from my heart, my capacity for compassion and understanding widens immensely. From the perspective of my heart I am secure in knowing that I have and do experience love, and therefore no longer need you to provide it for me in the way my mind demands. From my heart I can see that you also have deep needs and that you are fulfilling them as best you can. From my heart I can connect to you regardless of how you receive or reject it. From my heart I give offerings motivated by generosity, curiosity and acceptance.

From a place of Mind in cooperation with Heart, we can co-create a world where we all can experience love and understanding, harmony and peace.

© Kellie Newton