Kellie's Facebook Response to Heidi's Blog Post "I Am Not A Hater"

Heidi, first let me say that I know you are a lover. This has always been what I know of you. That being said, I think you know that I deeply disagree with you on many points about how your vote reflects your love. I trust your intention, but I cannot understand the action your intention created. I do want to understand; I know so much of what deeply divides our country now is the inability to listen to each other, to truly occupy the other’s frame of reference in order to come to a deeper understanding of why they do what they do. As one who was raised Christian, while I’m not longer self-described as a “Believer” of Jesus’s claim to divinity (any more than any of us can claim), I do know much about what Jesus taught and respect many of his teachings. So, I read your post, know your love for Jesus, but still do not understand how that love and being a “lover” translates into an action that I perceive as unleashing so much hate into the collective consciousness right now. 
“Suffer the children, come unto Me.” 

My daughter Zoe goes to a school, the majority population of which is nonwhite, poor, immigrant, homeless and underserved. We have been getting regular reports about how the candidacy of Trump has created a general atmosphere of panic, anxiety and dread among a population that is already on edge from being on the fringes of our society. A grown white man just punched a young black boy in the face at a rally in Portland: There are already reports of the “Trump Effect” in schools across the country as we see bullying and violence on the rise: I do not know how to connect to the love in your vote in regards to this. 

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” 
I hear your enthusiasm for Mike Pence and his presence on the ticket, but does his evangelicalism really offset the rest of the aggrandizing, shameless lying (Thou shalt not bear false witness), demeaning, hate-filled (The greatest of these is Love), divisive (Blessed are the Peace Makers) of Donald Trump and the rest of his cronies ala Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon? I don’t experience any love coming from them. And it’s not because I’m too left-wing to try—I actually felt and appreciated the humanity of Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W, and George H.W. I could deeply disagree with them, yet trust in their love and ability to bridge gaps because of it. I’m very concerned by the specter of a president who wants revenge, who cannot control himself when slighted, whose response to criticism is never an engagement on the topic, but rather an attack on the one doing the criticizing. I cannot connect to or understand the love that made you choose Trump in this regard. 

“When you do this to the least of these, my brethren, you do it unto Me” 
I hear that you chose love in voting for Trump when it comes to the rights of the unborn. This is long a sticking point between people like us that I know can never be bridged. But, I think I’d have an easier time hearing the love in that choice if the love seemed equally distributed to humans already born and in dire need of love, food, and care—in the way of not demonizing the “other” by deporting people, building walls against people, taking away medical plans that care for people, doing our part in supporting refugees (a major burden on so much of Europe right now), ensuring that we promote a society that treats each other with respect. I know that you personally strive for goodness in these things, but it is hard for me to connect to the love you have when you narrowly choose the rights of the unborn, unformed, potential life over the ones that are already here and deeply suffering. I want to connect to your love, but in this case it is very hard for me to feel your love in the face of so much pain that your vote has contributed to creating. And, as you no doubt know we pro-choicers with any knowledge of the Bible like to point out, Jesus never once addressed the rights of the unborn. 
Nor did Jesus have an opinion on gay marriage or gay people for that matter. Leviticus speaks harshly about a man laying with a man as though he were a woman, but Jesus never expounded on it. And, as the church loves to celebrate, he was a rule breaker. You support your vote for DT in your love for marriage being defined as between a man and a woman. I’m so glad you love your definition of marriage; I love being one woman married to one man as well. And, I love the love I see between my gay married friends. I love seeing how they can rest in the fact that they won’t have to worry about visitation rights should a medical emergency occur, that they will never have to worry about intolerant family members blocking their spouses from having access to them, that they won’t have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to protect what you and I can automatically expect in the ways of those spousal rights and in the full rights of access to our kids. Supporting people to experience more love in the way of marriage feels very loving to me. I wish I could understand how your vote connects to love by limiting access to marriage, but I simply cannot. But I hope you can hear me when I say I’m wanting to understand. 

“By their deeds ye shall know them” 
Voting on ideals and the love of ideals is well, idealistic. But what of the actions of those in this Trump movement? Can you honestly say that the love you choose—LOVE— is generated by his rise to power? Did you hear of people being loving at his rallies, or hateful and violent? Were you ever inspired by his words? What does he inspire? He inspires fear, anxiety, xenophobia, paranoia, violence. Is Mike Pence enough to bring your vision of Godliness to an entire nation? You acknowledge Trump’s deeply flawed character, but chose him anyway in the hopes that his team will bring the love you value to light. Do you really, truly, deeply believe that Jesus, were he to review the history of both candidates—one who spent her life helping the underserved, children and women, whose foundation helps people around the world, and the other, helping only himself—would celebrate and support your choice? Truly? Because, I cannot understand how he would.